Sites’ single source for trial information

TriTiCon’s TTC TRIALHUB is a web-based portal for trial sites, consolidating trial information and materials in a structured, easy and intuitive way. The TTC TRIALHUB also help sponsors to streamline, consolidate and control the distribution of information and materials to sites.

Download the TTC TRIALHUB Product Sheet here

Clinical trials challenges are increasing by complex and adaptive designs, more and more systems, new requirements for documentation and instructions, in turn increasing the amount of information and material to distribute and control.

Reducing complexity for both you as a sponsor and the trial sites persons

The TTC TRIALHUB is an information portal consolidating and presenting information for trial sites. Different types of trial information and material from different providers such as the clinical trial protocol, manuals, forms, newsletters, links to systems and contact information is made available in a single location and is structured in an easy and intuitive way. The TTC TRIALHUB allows sponsors to control document rollout by site, country or region and supports compliance in document distribution.

– Protocol overview – Overview of trial visits and procedures with instructions and links to associated documents.
– Document library – Versioned material library for the protocol,forms, templates, etc.
– Contact information – Centralized, easily maintained contact information for the CRA, sponsor, helpdesks, safety etc.
– Links to systems and other resources.
– News and messages from sponsor – News, key alerts, areas of interest.