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eClinical Consultants and Experts in Clinical Data Processes and Systems. From strategy to end-user training, the TriTiCon team is ready to help you all the way in establishing your end-to-end solution for handling of clinical data.

Experts in Clinical Data: Our Services

eClinical Processes & Systems

We will support you through all aspects of an implementation or change of processes and systems. From requirements collection, vendor selections and system validation to process definitions, SOPs and training. We will also provide help establish governance processes such as Data Quality Management, Standards Management and Risk Management


Data Repository and SCEs
Data Review Tools / Data Browsers
Data Analytics, Visualizations and Interactive Browsing for all types of Data
RBM Tools
System Integrations (ePRO-EDC, EDC-Safety system, IRT-EDC)


Data Collection
Data Cleaning, Data review and Coding
Data Handling and Data Quality Management
Standards Strategy/Management/Governance
System/Vendor selection, Implementation, Validation
Legacy Data and Systems Handling, Decommissioning
Sponsor Oversight
Risk Management

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Strategy & Business Plans

Defining your sourcing strategy, designing core processes and establishing systems, data and activity architecture – what goes on where and by whom. TriTiCon has the experience to help define the strategy that is right for you. We will support you in defining your organizational model, the roles and types of systems you need (and do not need) and in finding the right type of vendors.

System Architecture and Strategy (systems landscape, owned system or buy as per-trail service, hosted or in-house)
Standards Strategy
Sourcing Models (in-house/vendor splits, insource, outsource, offshore)
Organizational Set-up, Role Descriptions, Recruitment

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TriTiCon combines the 3 Tiers of Subject Matter Expertise, Strategic Understanding and Project Management to support you all the way from need to implemented solutions for your clinical data processes and systems. Read more here.


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