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Company Values – TriTiCon and Enablement

At TriTiCon we love you not to need us. At the core of our services and values are enablement – helping our customer to grow, develop, change and implement. That’s why the clients interest is a central promise in our Core Company Policy and a client value stage gate in our Client Engagement SOP, before accepting any assignment.

We are not looking to run your trials, we are not IT, not purchasing, not your big brother or back seat driver. But we know clinical development, we know the systems, we know the vendors, we know the process. We are not here for our own sake or to be seen, but we are dedicated to being the difference that helps you do what needs to be done and get ready for what’s next.

We also believe in knowledge sharing and open collaborations. We share knowledge, accumulate facts and insights for re-use. We establish and publish models and frameworks, SOPs and templates. Life-science should compete in products, not in process knowledge. As consultants we should add value and specific capabilities, not sell re-doing what has already been done.

Therefore, we continuously invest in our network, making TriTiCon capabilities reaching far beyond TriTiCon employees and capacity. We have a network of enablement consultants and industry experts sharing our mindset and values, and with subject matter knowledge across the entire clinical development value chain.

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Services Provided

Strategy, Tactics and Change – From Corporate Vision to Operations and Actions

Where should we take our organization, sourcing-models or technology? How do we achieve speed, flexibility, or increased capacity? What core competencies do we need to have?

Or how do we break down high-level company strategies and objectives to concrete and executable functional strategy?

Strategies comes in many shapes and formats. It can be a five-bullet slide or a comprehensive document in a specific company format, and the starting point can range from high level company objectives to very specific targets for your area.

TriTiCon can support you wherever your company is in the spectrum. We can advise on specific topics, be a sounding board, propose frameworks and templates, facilitate the strategy development process, or write a recommended strategy for you, based on interviews and workshops.

At TriTiCon we talk to many different companies and vendors. We know where the industry and vendor market are going and see trends and pitfalls. We can help you identify challenges and opportunities you might have not thought of.

No matter what your company’s approach is, TriTiCon always strive to make strategy-work and outputs concrete and operational. Your strategy is not a generic product – it is yours and yours alone, and should be adapted for your area, specific to your company context and pre-requisites. A strategy can take many forms, have multiple purposes, but should always provide practical guidance and actions to make you develop and succeed.

Sourcing Models, Vendor and Systems Selection, Onboarding and Implementation, Oversight and Governance

Vendors for systems and services are a key component for most of us, but sourcing is not always easy, and quite different from running a trial. What do I really need? A system or a service? Or (as in most cases) both? Should I go for full service, mix of specialists, trial by trial or FSP? In-source or offshore? Small or large vendors?

TriTiCon can help you to identify the sourcing model that is right for you (and the associated internal requirements and pre-requisites to run it), or the optimal technology approach across the clinical systems landscape. Our proven vendor selection framework is addressing all aspects of the sourcing situation to find the optimal vendor and/or technology for you. Our framework includes the end-to-end process from scoping, requirements definition, vendor screening, RFI/RFP process, evaluation and selection, qualification, and onboarding/implementation.

For the most common clinical systems we have requirement libraries, and market overviews with more than 100 vendors profiled.

Organizational and Personal Development – Advice, Mentorship, and Training

The world of clinical development is changing faster than ever – not least in the data-handling and technology space. As organizations and individuals, we need to develop and grow to keep up – even if we want to continue to do the same tasks as before.

TriTiCon has a comprehensive course module library as foundation and can deliver out of the box courses or create custom packages to adapt to each client’s situation and need.

With more than 25 years of leadership and coaching experience, we provide advice, mentoring and training for organizations and individuals, from pre-defined courses to inspirational presentations, workshops, and long-term mentoring engagements.

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